Contactless Optical Tool Presetter Contactless Optical Tool Presetter

Customizable software to fit your needs! Increases productivity in the field! Please contact NT TOOL for details.

Max Measurement

X-axis : φ400mm
X-axis : φ400mm

- Contactless measurement does not damage cutting edges.
- Easy operation reduces human error.
- Mechanical clamp system with stable repeatability.
- Tightening of a collet holder is possible on the presetter. ( Up to 60Nm )




Stop Measurement When Runout Exceeds Tolerances

For multi-step measurements, the measurement will stop if runout exceeds the specified tolerances during the runout measurement step. This prevents measurements from running to completion with unacceptable runout.


Target Value Input

In “Adjustable Mode,” the target preset height is displayed on the screen with a green line. Use to offset for cap compression when using collet holders, etc.


Import, Export

Tool data is imported and exported in the CSV file format. Use to move data to other equipment, or to synchronize tool data between multiple presetters.


Switch the X-axis and Z-axis

Switch the Z-axis so it displays radial measurements instead of vertical, and the X-axis so it shows vertical measurements instead of radial. Use when machining with lathes, etc., in a non-standard direction.

Easy-to-use Software with Tutorial Function

Operation screen lined up in working sequences! Quick operation by switching tabs. Well-thought-out layout of the operation screen minimizes operation time.

Measurement functions


Drill Shoulder Measurement

Results that passed or failed to meet the target values can be displayed in a list, or notified with a sound. Results may also be displayed as a graph.


Runout Measurement of the Cutting Edge

Capture the area you want to measure. Then, turn the spindle 360degrees.


Measuring Afterimage

The cutting tool’ s profile is plotted by rotating the spindle 360 degrees.


Special Tolerance

Easy diameter adjustment for boring bars with presetting target shown on the screen.


Measuring Step Drill

Each step can be measured separately.


Real Image of Cutting Edge

Wearing and chipping on cutting edge can be inspected.


User Friendly Mechanical Body

■ Camera Handle

Simple one hand operation. Movable in X-axis direction or Z-axis direction separately/simultaneously.

■ Fine Adjustment Dial for Z-axis / X-axis

Quick camera positioning by rotating the dial.

■ Camera Arm

Measurement up to dia.400mm is possible.

■ Tightening of a collet holder is possible. (Up to 60Nm)

Move away the camera from the spindle when tightening. Adjustment of cutting tool projection length and runout measurement / adjustment can be done in one spot.

■ Adapter Tray Equipped

Frequently used adapters and holders can be placed nearby.

■ Cutting Tool Projection Length Adjustment (Option)

An operation handle for cutting tool projection length adjustment can be added.

■ Mechanical Clamp

400kg air cylinder fi rmly clamps the tool holder. Good repetitive accuracy of tool holder clamping/unclamping.

■ Motor driven spindle

The rotation of the spindle can be automated.

Easy-to-use Software with Tutorial Function.

Basic Function

■ “Magic Eye” shows the positions of cutting edges.

Target cutting edge is always clear even with endmills and facemill cutters.

■ Beginning of measurement

The ring turns green in accordance with cutting tool rotation. Numbers are assigned on the detected cutting edges.

■ Detection of cutting edges completed.

Shows position of cutting edges in real-time.

■ Runout measurement of the cutting edge

Capture the area where you want to measure. Then, turn the spindle 360degrees.

The measurement result against target value can be shown in×along with sound eff ects. The result can be also shown as a graph.


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